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Little Heroine Playset is a Touhou fangame developed from scratch for the 2019 Yuri Jam. Alice Margatroid has gone missing, and it's up to her now-independent dolls, Shanghai and Hourai, to find their master! 

The game jam trial version contains one stage (three minutes long) with a midboss and end boss.


  • Two playable characters. Using the "Clear" system, call on your partner to clear bullets and send damage back at the enemies!
  • Every boss is a double boss battle with two cute girls to fight. Everybody's gay in Gensokyo.
  • Two difficulties: Gentle and Rough. What, "Where's Lunatic?" No, no, this is a much softer fangame!


Carni (https://carni.itch.io/) - Programmer, lead game designer, in-game artist and animator, assistant musician (two songs)

RunicRhythm (https://runicrhythm.itch.io/) - Character artist, assistant game designer, story writer

Lolika (https://ikayu-riri.itch.io/) - Lead musician (three songs)

Special thanks to heartlessmushroom, Ochita, Elephant Parade, and everyone else in the Carnegie Creations discord server for their feedback and unwavering support.


LittleHeroinePlayset.zip 111 MB


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Congrats on the successful release! I'm proud of you all. I still like the original cover art more though.